Artificial Multicoloured Succulent (1pc)

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Bo Xue Cao GreenBo Xue Cao Green
Bo Xue Cao PurpleBo Xue Cao Purple
Bo Xue Cao RedBo Xue Cao Red
Fo Shou Cao GreenFo Shou Cao Green
Fo Shou Cao PurpleFo Shou Cao Purple
Fo Shou Cao RedFo Shou Cao Red
Fo Shou Xin GreenFo Shou Xin Green
Fo Shou Xin PinkFo Shou Xin Pink
Fo Shou Xin PurpleFo Shou Xin Purple
Ji Wa Lian GreenJi Wa Lian Green
Ji Wa Lian PurpleJi Wa Lian Purple
Ji Wa Lian RedJi Wa Lian Red
Kong Xin Cao GreenKong Xin Cao Green
Kong Xin Cao RedKong Xin Cao Red
Ling Jiao Cao GreenLing Jiao Cao Green
Ling Jiao Cao PurpleLing Jiao Cao Purple
Ling Jiao Cao RedLing Jiao Cao Red
Long She Lan GreenLong She Lan Green
Long She Lan PurpleLong She Lan Purple
Long She Lan RedLong She Lan Red
Red BanMa LuHuiRed BanMa LuHui
San Xin Lian GreenSan Xin Lian Green
San Xin Lian RedSan Xin Lian Red
Song La GreenSong La Green
Song La PinkSong La Pink
Song La PurpleSong La Purple
Xian Ren Ke GreenXian Ren Ke Green
Xian Ren Ke PurpleXian Ren Ke Purple
Xian Ren Ke RedXian Ren Ke Red
Xiao Dou Lian GreenXiao Dou Lian Green
Xiao Dou Lian PurpleXiao Dou Lian Purple
Xiao Dou Lian RedXiao Dou Lian Red
Xiao Lan Cao GreenXiao Lan Cao Green
Xiao Lan Cao PurpleXiao Lan Cao Purple
Xiao Lan Cao RedXiao Lan Cao Red
Xiao Shui Lian GreenXiao Shui Lian Green
XiaoShuiLian PurpleXiaoShuiLian Purple
Xiao Shui Lian WhiteXiao Shui Lian White
Yellow BanMa LuHuiYellow BanMa LuHui

Placement: Desktop
Number of Pcs: 1pc
Material: PVC

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