Artificial Palm Tree Branches (1pc)

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Large MonsteraLarge Monstera
Medium MonsteraMedium Monstera
Small MonsteraSmall Monstera
Style 03 Dark GreenStyle 03 Dark Green
Style 03 Light GreenStyle 03 Light Green
Style 04Style 04
Style 05Style 05
Style 06Style 06
Style 07Style 07
Xue Song YeXue Song Ye
DaSanWei Dark GreenDaSanWei Dark Green
DaSanWei Light GreenDaSanWei Light Green
XiaoSanWei DarkGreenXiaoSanWei DarkGreen
XiaoSanWei QianLuXiaoSanWei QianLu
Ba Xi YeBa Xi Ye
Hu Lan YeHu Lan Ye
Kong Que YeKong Que Ye
Mei Ren JiaoMei Ren Jiao
Ji Wei YeJi Wei Ye
Xiang Er YeXiang Er Ye
Green Radish LeafGreen Radish Leaf
Watermelon LeafWatermelon Leaf
Zebra LeafZebra Leaf
Ba Jiao YeBa Jiao Ye
Jin Pan YeJin Pan Ye
Ye Yu YeYe Yu Ye
Large Kwai LeafLarge Kwai Leaf
Small Kwai LeafSmall Kwai Leaf
DarkGreen Apple LeafDarkGreen Apple Leaf
LightGreen AppleLeafLightGreen AppleLeaf
Dark Small MonsteraDark Small Monstera
Light Large MonsteraLight Large Monstera
Dark Large MonsteraDark Large Monstera

Plant Style: Leaf
Number of Pcs: 1pc
Material: Plastic

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