Artificial Succulents Plants (1pc)

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XiaoLanCao FRXiaoLanCao FR
XiaoLanCao FPXiaoLanCao FP
BoXueCao FGBoXueCao FG
XiaoLanCao BlueXiaoLanCao Blue
KongXinCao FRKongXinCao FR
KongXinCao FGKongXinCao FG
XiaoLanCao FGXiaoLanCao FG
KongXinCao FWKongXinCao FW
LingJiaoCao FPLingJiaoCao FP
LingJiaoCao FGLingJiaoCao FG
LingJiaoCao FBLingJiaoCao FB
LingJiaoCao FRLingJiaoCao FR
XiaoDouLian FWXiaoDouLian FW
XiaoDouLian FP 2XiaoDouLian FP 2
XianRenKe FPXianRenKe FP
XianRenKe FGXianRenKe FG
JiWaLian BlueJiWaLian Blue
JiWaLian FRJiWaLian FR
XiaoDouLian FG 2XiaoDouLian FG 2
XianRenKe FRXianRenKe FR
XiaoDouLian FRXiaoDouLian FR
XiaoDouLian FPXiaoDouLian FP
JiWaLian FPJiWaLian FP
JiWaLian FGJiWaLian FG
BoXueCao FRBoXueCao FR
BoXueCao FPBoXueCao FP
XiaoDouLian FGXiaoDouLian FG
BoXueCao FBBoXueCao FB
BanMaLuHui YellowBanMaLuHui Yellow
FeiZhouLuHui FRFeiZhouLuHui FR
BanMaLuHui RedBanMaLuHui Red
SanXinLian FGSanXinLian FG
XiaoLuHui BlueXiaoLuHui Blue
FeiZhouLuHui FGFeiZhouLuHui FG
SanXinLian FRSanXinLian FR
XiaoLuHui FPXiaoLuHui FP
XiaoLuHui FGXiaoLuHui FG
XiaoLuHui FWXiaoLuHui FW
XiaoLuHui FRXiaoLuHui FR

Plant Style: Bonsai
Placement: Desktop
Number of Pcs: 1pc
Material: PVC

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